Hey, I’m Nikki Bartol ​

I am passionate about helping others feel confident in their finances, empowering them to thrive in their business, and live in abundance through a shift in their money mindset.

My story

How I got here

From playing my favourite game ‘Math Blasters’ as a child to investing a better half of a decade working my a$$ off to become a certified Chartered Accountant, I’ve always been drawn to numbers. What didn’t resonate with me was the impersonal approach to accounting, which never considered the person behind the numbers. I felt called to follow my dreams and passions (having no idea what those were).

So I quit, packed my bags, started traveling, and found myself on a spiritual and self development journey. During this time, I ran operations and accounting remotely for businesses as a digital nomad, but my true passion became mindset work, leading me to hosting workshops and public speaking gigs.


I found myself conflicted

between my innate draw to accounting and my pursuit of a meaningful purpose, feeling they had to be mutually exclusive.

Throughout this journey I was surrounded by the most incredible purpose driven solopreneurs, who turned what they loved into successful businesses. I was inspired by their courage, to follow their passion, and kick ass in businesses while consciously serving the world.

Yet they would admit intense feelings of imposter syndrome around their business finances and I would hear the ever so common “I don’t know how to run the financial side of my business”, I never went to business school.” or “I hate numbers, it’s just not the way my brain works.”

The more I asked the more I heard; “I hate asking for money”, “There never seems to be enough” and “I wish I could just feel confident that I’m setting myself up for success”.

I recognised that many were limiting their potential due to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. It broke my heart to hear stories of how all these amazing entrepreneurs didn’t truly feel empowered and were stuck in a scarcity mindset.

I knew that it was possible to create simple systems that anyone could use to find clarity in their numbers. Which in turn would lead to better strategic planning, intentional decision making, significant savings and inevitable growth.

I found my purpose

The two sides of myself, the personal development, and my logical accountant side didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Actually, combining them could help people in a whole new way!

So, I developed a method which combines practical management strategies with money mindset, to help amazing entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs to unlock their full potential.

Every day I wake up excited to follow my purpose, knowing that I support incredible people to bust through the money blocks holding them back. Seeing them confident in their finances, launching into success and feeling empowered, gives me purpose.

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