It's time to reach your full potential

Reach your
full potential.

Let Me Guess


  • Feel overwhelmed whenever you think about your finances (business & personal)?
  • Keep working hard for your money but you have no idea where it goes and there never seems to be enough?
  • Wish you could manage your finances but don’t know where or how to start?

You want:

  • to overcome financial anxiety and feel empowered?
  • to feel confident in how you’re running your business?
  • the money you work hard for to help you achieve your goals?


I know with absolute confidence that this can be a reality for you, and it is exactly what I will help you achieve.

Money can be a complicated and emotional topic… I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t know where to go to find answers that you think everyone else already has.

The accountancy industry can be full of judgement, making it hard to ask questions. It causes fear that you’ll be criticized for your lack of knowledge or for the position you’re in. I use my expertise to help business owners tackle their finances head on, but I do this with empathy, compassion, and without judgement.

How it works

If you’re ready to grow your business to its full potential and invest into yourself, but feel held back by your finances, then you’re limiting yourself and pushing money away. How long has that been going on and how much have you lost in that time?

Prepare yourself for abundance by taking control of what you have today. Feel excitement around money in all aspects of your life, and you’ll see see it come back to you. Take your power back from all the money stories holding you back. You’re a badass business owner!

The 3 step signature methodology

1. Money Mindset

The first step is looking inward. I can teach you the steps all day long but you will never truly want to actually do the work required until we work on improving your money mindset and anxiety. We get clear on the specific limiting belief that is holding you back and tackle that head on to attract more abundance and ease into your life.

2. Money Management

The next step is to find simplicity and clarity in your finances as they currently are. We set up a system in place that is very simple and easy to follow to track and organize the flow of money in both your business and personal life.

3. Financial Planning

Once the first 2 steps are in the works, we can take that foundation to start putting a process together to set you up for future success with budgeting, goal setting and financial planning ensuring you feel confident that you are working towards your goals.


Private 1on1 Coaching

5 stars, 12/10, I’m all in for this girl! She’s worth all the money and I’m so freaking grateful I’ve found her! One of the top investments I’ve made into myself and my business!

Caitlin Louise, Wedding Photographer
Private 1on1 Coaching Client

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8 Weeks To Owning Your Income

Launching November!

Being an entrepreneur you’re likely juggling everything on your own…. including all your financial decisions, which may be a hat you’re not super stoked to wear.

Owning your income is an 8 week comprehensive group training program that balances money mindset and practical financial literacy to guide you to becoming a confident and empowered money magnet!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll get:

  • A clear and concise way on how to manage your own money that doesn’t make you cringe each time you open your bank account

  • Learn how to let go of imposter syndrome and say hello to confidence and conviction where you’ll never doubt your money making decisions again

  • A complete roadmap of the steps you need to take to get your $hit together

Deep Dive

For those who just need pointing in the right direction and want some 1-to-1 counsel. 

The Deep Dive program is a 1on1 consultation where I target the main requirements you need improving, perfect for the DIY entrepreneur. 

It’s quick, efficient and you will leave with the tools and inspiration to go and implement big shifts in your life.

What you get:

  • A pre call package that includes selected worksheets, resources and a questionnaire to be filled out prior to the 1-to-1 call
  • 2 hour 1on1 deep dive call tailored for each client’s particular needs and desired focus
  • A week of messenger support, with a half-hour follow up call at the end of the week 

Private 1on1 Coaching

For those who want that extra 1-to-1 support throughout the entire process. 

The bespoke 1-to-1coaching is where I become familiar with the details of your operations so that I can guide you step by step through the entire process, perfect for anyone who likes more accountability and support.

  • Personal 1-to-1 coaching and support
  • 1 hour call per week
  • Unlimited messaging support between calls
  • Review of any submitted work/ processes between calls
  • Access to all resources, templates and content to help support you in the process


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