Nikki built and scaled our operational and financial systems leading to over $1million in sales in just 12 months.”

Jack Pichard, AMZ Scale

Are you ready to build your wealth?

Let me help you get there..

As a business owner, you’re working hard to create wealth, and you’re enjoying seeing money flow in and out of your professional and personal lives. But without confidence in yourself to manage it, or a positive abundant relationship with money, you can often be left feeling helpless and frustrated about how to manage your money, systemize your finances and make profitable decisions.

It’s time to feel secure in your relationship to money , become empowered to confidently make financial decisions & leverage your money to build true wealth.


Financial Systems


Hi, I'm Nikki!

CPA Accountant & Mindset Coach

I’m a Certified CPA Accountant & Money Mindset coach. After spending 7 years as a corporate accountant at PwC, one of the world’s leading Accountancy firms, I left the corporate world and found my true passion in helping entrepreneurs feel confident in their finances, grow not only their business but the profits their businesses generates, and live in true abundance through shifts in their money mindset.

As a little girl who’s favourite computer game was math blasters, it’s clear I’ve always loved numbers. Now I get to use that love for numbers, so my clients don’t have to!

After 7 years as a corporate accountant, 4 years as acting COO/CFO’s of various start ups, 2 years of public speaking on personal development and now almost 3 years of helping coaches, creatives and small business owners grow their business’ in an aligned way, I’m so excited to connect with you and help you reach the next level of entrepreneurship.

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Start feeling secure in your relationship with money?

Through curated journal prompts, be guided through discovering the root cause of your limiting beliefs and learn how to re-write them to attract more wealth and clients! 

As a bonus you’ll also get New Inspiring Money Affirmations to start implementing and extra journal prompts to discover specific gaps in your money systems.

I'm not your typical


(And this isn’t your typical coaching mentorship)

There are plenty of money mindset coaches out there that will teach you how to match your energetic vibration with money to attract more….

But what do you actually do with it when it flows in? How do you ensure you’re making the right financial decisions to ensure you grow your wealth with purpose?…

And there are plenty of accountants out there that will show you how to manage the bookkeeping of your business by trying to teach you Quickbooks or Xero…

But what if those systems make you anxious and you know you’ll never stay consistent with i?. Or you already uses it and it’s still not clear because your business & personal finances are all intertwined?…

And there are many business coaches out there that teach you the strategy to grow your business…

But don’t actually take you through the numbers of what you’re trying to achieve.

There aren’t enough (if any) that guide you through a holistic approach!

Someone that balances Mindset, Strategy & Numbers!

With My Signature Methodology

You Get Holistic Guidance On...

To make better decisions, feel more confident and grow your business, you have to manage your finances, mindset and strategy together. They’re closely intertwined and by avoiding any one of them can significantly hold you back.  

That’s why I built a unique methodology, to guide you through each component.


Working on your mindset as an entrepreneur IS the thing that unlocks the next levels of wealth in your life.  

By defining the root causes of the patterns and beliefs you’re struggling with, we can completely re-write your money story, freeing you to attract, manage, hold and experience money in a whole new way.


By identifying not only which Money blocks are most present (Scarcity, Guilt/ Judgement, Worthiness or Self Sabotage) but also diving deep into the root causes, we can narrow in for the largest impact

Then through various tools unique to your needs and your energy we rewrite your Money story to be one of ease and abundance! 

Learn how to start embracing & embodying your next level version of yourself and your entrepreneurial journey. 

Using you unique Human Design energetic blueprint we can become aware of how you naturally and energetically respond to money

Learn how to work with your unique energy (Human Design) to run your business with ease and flow

Review your pricing structures and create packages that increase your earnings

Map out your business forecast to ensure you’re reaching your income goals

Level up as an entrepreneur to make more money for less of your time

Business Strategy

True success of a business strategy takes into account both the numbers as well as your unique energy and desires of how you want to run your business. 

By evaluating your Human Design and getting crystal clear on what you want out of your business, along with diving deep into the numbers, we develop a unique strategy for you and your business to thrive.

Financial Systems

 I love numbers and systems so much, so you don’t have to! 

By gaining an understanding of your business and how it runs, I work with you in creating a completely tailored system for you and your finances. The main focus is creating something that you actually like. This is the only way to maintain consistency and confidence in the financial decisions you make.

Based on your needs, I create personalized spreadsheets for you to show a holistic view and flow of all the finances in your life 

Learn how to analyze and audit your own finances to build healthy financial habits

Streamline the flow of money in your business – the easier you make it the easier it flows

Understand the best way to structure your bank accounts

Feel prepared to manage the wealth you’re creating

 Plan your business and personal financial future, goals and how to get there

Transition from unconscious spending to Confident, Value Aligned Spending 

Learn how to allocate your money as a form of budgeting (classic budgeting just breads more scarcity) 

Grow Wealth

When you become confident & conscious in not only how you make money but also how you spend it, that’s when true wealth is built! 

I help you dive deep into exactly what you want for your future and how we can get you there. I help you implement a version of the profit first method that I have created specifically for solopreneurs, making it extremely easy to follow to build your wealth with purpose.

Ways to work with me 1:1

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1hr Consultation

Best for those who want to dip their toes in and need some clarity or advice on a specific topic. 

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Spreadsheet Setup

For those who need a simple system created to track their finances; or have a specific financial decision they need guidance on.

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Luxe 1:1 Money Mentorship

A 3 month container for those looking for a complete guided transformation in both their business and personal life. 

What you get


Case Studies

I’m proud of my clients and what they’ve achieved… 

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“Within the first 2 weeks I reached my first ever $10k month!”

“5 starts, 12/10, hands down the best thing you can invest into yourself this year.”

Caitlin Louise, Wedding Photographer

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I’ve doubled my income in less than a month!

“If you’re thinking about hiring Nikki, if you’re on Nikki’s website right now, I encourage you to click and set up a one-to-one with her and your life may  be changed forever.”

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“Now I’m holding more wealth, growing more and expanding more than I ever could have imagined!

“If I hadn’t done this, there’s no way the business would be where it is now.

Lindsay Guibor, Interior Designer

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Owning Your Income!

Owning your income is a 8 week comprehensive live group training program that balances money mindset and practical financial literacy to guide you to becoming a confident and empowered money magnet!

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I’m proud of my clients and what they’ve achieved… 

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