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An intimate offering created as a safe space for you to receive guidance on any particular Money topic you need, to start feeling abundant and confident in your business finances.

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Working with me 1 to 1 is an experience that you will not have had before within my industry. It’s one of deep understanding, patience and designed for exactly what you need no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial financial journey.

The accountancy industry can be full of judgement, making it hard to ask questions. It causes fear that you’ll be criticized for your lack of knowledge or for the position you’re in. As a Certified CPA Accountant and Money Mindset Coach, I use my expertise to help you tackle your finances head on, but I do this with empathy, compassion, and without judgement in anything you need guidance on. 

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76% of early-stage business owners don’t actually know how much money they make? Leading them to lose significant amounts of their hard-earned cash!

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