Spreadsheet Set Up

A deep dive into creating a system for your finances to be organized and clear, so you can start making confident financial decisions.

Are you ready to get your numbers organized?

Let me help you get there..

As a business owner, you’re working hard to create wealth but how do you know you’re making profitable financial decisions without having clarity in your numbers. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch with numbers flying around in your head, you have everything tracked in a million different places but are still confused, or you just have one financial decision you need help organizing and making I got you!  

As a certified CPA Accountant, I create personalized spreadsheets for you to show a holistic view of the flow of finances in your life and help you evaluate them to help you make the best decisions for you and your business. 


If you're someone who currently has nothing tracked and you even tend to avoid numbers/ excel at all cost, let's create a system for you to track a holistic view of all the inflow and outflow of money in your life, that you'll actually stay consistent with.


If you are someone who does track everything but it's laid out in a million places and you're still confused, let's take all the information you have and simplify it to reduce your overwhelm and actually find clarity.


If you're looking to make some big moves in your business but you're not sure if you can (or when), let's take your current projections and lay it out so you can move forward with confidence.


If you're someone who wants to start looking at the numbers in your business to evaluate growth and increase efficiency/ effectiveness, let's put a system together for you to be able to analyze your numbers and key performance indicators specific to your business.

Did you know?

76% of early-stage business owners don’t actually know how much money they're making or how to forecast. Let's ensure that will never be you.

Did you know?

76% of early-stage business owners don’t actually know how much money they're making or how to forecast. Let's ensure that will never be you.

Why you need

Clarity & Confidence

Clarity in your finances leads to confidence in your business! Clarity and confidence in your business leads to more money! 

By having simple spreadsheets and systems personally created for you and your unique needs, you are more likely to be more consistent and confident with evaluating the numbers in your business. 


I love numbers and systems so much, so you don’t have to!

Spreadsheet Setup

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Working with me 1 to 1 is an experience that you will not have had before within my industry. It’s one of deep understanding, patience and designed for exactly what you need (and nothing of what you don’t).

The accountancy industry can be full of judgement, making it hard to ask questions. It causes fear that you’ll be criticized for your lack of knowledge or for the position you’re in. I use my expertise to help you tackle your finances head on, but I do this with empathy, compassion, and without judgement.

By gaining an understanding of your business and how it runs, I work with you in creating a completely tailored system for you and your finances. The main focus is creating something that you actually like. This is the only way to maintain consistency and confidence in the financial decisions you make.

Expect more confidence and consistency, increased self-worth, decreased stress, and a path created for true wealth. 

What you get


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I’m proud of my clients and what they’ve achieved… 


In this phase, you’ll uncover your painful patterns & discover why they formed in the first place. Then we’ll work with healing practices to help you heal at the origin.

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Entrepreneurs/ solopreneurs who are making money in their business and are ready to start taking life and their finances into their own hands

Someone who doesn’t want to learn how to manage and attract more money!

That’s more than ok! All you need is to show up with the desire and intention to start doing things differently

In this program you get access to weekly life changing video modules and live calls with Nikki (plus new bonuses, workbooks and activities every week) and support from Nikki throughout your entire journey


  • Weekly workshop group calls for 6 weeks with Nikki + 3 Q&A live calls for extra support
  • 6 Value packed module videos
  • Private community chat (for ongoing support + accountability)
  • Homework modules that guide you and have you going DEEP

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