Nikki's Money Manifest

CPA Accountant & Mindset Coach

Combining money mindset with practical money management strategies to help you learn how to consciously spend, attract and manage your money!

Master your finances:

Are you trying to get your finances in order, but don’t quite know how? Does that make you want to bury your head in the sand every time you think about them? That’s ok, I understand you! The signature 3 step process is designed to make it easy and I’m here to guide you through the process. 

Money Mindset

Improve your relationship with money so you can step out of scarcity and into  abundance.

Money Management

Declutter your finances to find clarity and confidence in your numbers.

Financial Planning

Face your numbers to feel prepared to manage the wealth you’re attracting.


CPA, Nomad, hula hoop'er & coach

My journey from corporate accountant to digital nomad, and self development nerd, helped me design a signature method to combine practical money management strategies with a mindset first approach.

Numbers aren’t easy for everyone, and scarcity is a strong feeling holding back many from true abundance! 

Which is why I help solopreneurs improve their relationship with money, overcome their limiting beliefs and show them simple ways to get their finances in order.


If you’re ready to grow your business to its full potential and invest in yourself, but feel held back by your finances, then you’re limiting yourself and pushing money away.

Money can be a complicated and emotional topic… I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t know where to go to find answers that you think everyone else already has.

The accountancy industry can be full of judgement, making it hard to ask questions. I use my expertise to help business owners tackle their finances head on, but I do this with empathy, compassion, and without judgement.

Free Money Mindset Workbook​


Re-write your limiting beliefs, so you can embrace your inner abundance and actually keep the money you attract! 

✓ Journal prompts to help you dig deep to uncover what those limiting beliefs & thoughts are.

✓ Step by Step directions on how to re-write those pesky unhelpful thoughts (with examples)

✓ A list of common limiting beliefs for inspiration

✓ 12 new inspiring Money Affirmations to start implementing

✓ Bonus: Journal prompts to help you discover if you have any gaps in your money systems

Past Clients

I’m proud of my clients and what they’ve achieved… 

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